Project "Hope"- Maison Ro'

During the last year of the pandemic it was difficult for everyone to find a balance, to relate to this new and unknown virus. Surely it is still a complex moment but we hope with the heart to get out soon.

Unfortunately, even the tourism sector has suffered very economically, a year in which travel has been limited to small trips out of town, where foreign tourists have failed to leave, bound by all the difficulties related to Covid-19.

At Maison Ro' we are confident, despite the historic moment in which we live, that there will soon be a recovery; meanwhile we keep on a glimmer of hope, driven by the desire to restar and return to travel.

For this reason we decided to draw a symbol of rebirth, of positive energy, that will guide us in this period of uncertainty.

Vesuvius, one of the symbols of Naples for excellence, explodes in a scream of hope that resounds from the underground.
And a quote that goes well with the concept of hope, meant as a daydream and as the perseverance not to give up even during hard times...


“Hope is a waking dream”



Hope is waking dream _ Maison Ro'


We hope to welcome very soon our guests, in this beautiful framework down by the Vesuvius...

A virtual hug

Lo staff di Maison Ro’