Enjoy the Summer, and relax…we are Covid19 Free!


Meta is a small coastal town, near the city of Sorrento in the Peninsula of Sorrento. There are less than 8.000 habitants in Meta, and we can strongly say that there have been only a few cases in our small town, and since the beginning of May it has been announced that Meta (and also the Peninsula of Sorrento) it’s COVID FREE.

After months of lockdown and effectively quarantine, we have started again to go out, to live and work as before, even if now things have changed and that there are now safety rules to follow for those who work in the tourism field.

You can’t imagine how happy we are to welcome again our guest at Maison RĂ², hoping that everything will slowly go back to normal.

We have sanitized our rooms, following the indications given by local authorities; we provide hand sanitizer and also medical masks for our clients, in case of need.

For us is really important to take care of every need of our clients, and if we are going to have more than one room occupied at the same time, we are not going to provide breakfast in the common areas, helping to avoid crowds.


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