Valle delle Ferriere – A green lush in the heart of the Amalfi Coast

When in Meta, if you like to discover a new hiking path and to do some good exercise, choose to spend a day doing trekking in the beautiful Amalfi Coast. There’s a route which is called “Valle delle Ferriere”, that is a must see. Add it to straight on your bucket list…and discover the hidden beauties of our territory!

You can decide to go by your own, or to share the experience with other people and, of course, with an authorized guide. If in doubts, we can suggest you the best way to arrange this day in the Amalfi coast.

Valle delle Ferriere is right up the town of Amalfi, surrounded by greenery and lemon crops. Is an easy difficulty for a trekking level, but it worths every drop of sweat, after you will feel brand new!

The history of Amalfi is recognizable during this walk, up to hills where the Ancient and First Maritime Republic used to exchange its precious woods and maritime knowledge with other towns and the habitants of Amalfi where well known for maritime trading in all the Mediterraneum Sea.

In this valley you will see, how nature has the power to recreate itself over and over, with its eaternal beauty sorrounding all the atmosphere and the space around.

Time: approx. 3 hours

Lenght: 6 km (up and downs)

Reccommended: water, wind jacket, trekking shoes, sun screen and walking shoes



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