Pompei aeterna est

Pompeii and the Archaeological Park have always been a favorite destination for tourists, academic, and people from every place passionate about the history of the famous eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The city of Pompeii was unknowingly built on the slopes of a volcano, because at the time what we saw seemed to be just a promontory,  since Vesuvius as we know it now was formed precisely after the famous eruption occurred on October 24, 79 AD.

Plinio il Vecchio e l'eruzione del Vesuvio

The Pompeians did not expect such an explosion, but when it happened it was so powerful that as the lava descended towards the slope of Herculaneum, in Pompeii came flaming lapilli, ash and particles, which covered the Roman city with rubble and toxic gas, causing the death of its inhabitants and the end of its history.

Nowadays the ancient city of Pompeii can be visited all year round and is located in a wonderful park at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, which is the backdrop to every photo , almost as if to remind us that there is basically an eternal and indispensable relationship between nature and man.

The archaeological park is very large, divided into districts that are distinguished by Roman numbers. When you visit Pompeii for the first time you are strongly advised to book an official guide or join a group. In addition to the important findings and to explain the map of the city, a guide will be the only person really able to introduce you to the traditions and customs, to tell you about local habits and the social structure at the time of ancient Pompeii.


It goes back to these most recent days, the news of the discovery of an ancient parade roman chariot , promptly secured and now in the laboratory in the skilled hands of restorers.

This year has finally reopened the Antiquarium of Pompeii, a museum space dedicated to the permanent exhibition of finds that illustrate the history of Pompeii. Today we are returning to public use a space, completely renovated, which refers to what was the first museum concept of Amedeo Maiuri and that will be an introduction to the visit of the site. The organization was edited by Electa.

Furthermore from this year the new director of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is the German archaeologist Gabriel Zuchtriegel of 39 years, which promises to give a breath of renovation and enforce the site.

Here on the official website, you can find more information to plan your visit.

Pompeii can be reached by car or train and from Meta it takes about 30 minutes. Or you can choose an excursion from Sorrento that in addition to visiting the archaeological site takes you to the top of Vesuvius, famous for the volcano and its vineyards.

Once you arrive we will help you plan your visit to Pompeii, which is certainly one of the best highlights of the entire Gulf of Naples.